Our Services

Solarpark is a subsidiary that originates from SPR Energie in Rodenäs (Germany). We were established in 2012 as a limited company and together with our partners we have successfully completed over 300 projects in Denmark, Germany, Albania, England, Spain and Italy.

With many years of experience we offer:

Design and installation of any solar project:

From small residential to large commercial scale projects – Solarpark will help you harnessing the power of the sun.


Not only is solar a clean source of energy, it is also an investment where you make money.

Monitoring service:

We can keep an eye on your solar system’s  power-generation, errors, power-failures, strings and modules.

Maintenance service:

Even though solar systems need very little to no maintenance, it is a good idea to do a check once in a while. Here we can offer a complete package which includes visual inspection, maintenance work, control measurements and documentation, where you receive a detailed service report of the system’s current state.

helge billede
Helge Andersen

Helge is an educated operator and shareholder of Solarpark since 2012. He is responsible for construction management and management of Solarpark in general.

profilbild jacob
Jacob V. Engdal
Responsible for project and sales

Jacob has worked in the solar business for more than 13 years with all kinds of responsibilities - from project management, business development to sales.
He has a master in Change Management and a bachelor in Business Development Engineering.

Mail: jve@solarpark.dk
Tlf nr.: 20 35 41 65

profilbild mieke
Mieke Jahnel
Responsible for accountancy, logistics, project assistance, costumer service, sales etc.

Mieke has a bachelor in Environmental and Resources Management and helps with various tasks at Solarpark. She is ready to answer calls and emails in our office hours.

Mail: mj@solarpark.dk
Tlf nr.: 31 68 74 87