We are Solarpark, We CreateBuildDevelopMaintain Solar Systems


Solarpark’s mission is to deliver quality solutions that translate into happy and satisfied customers and suppliers.


We want to contribute to our society becoming more sustainable. Our goal is to deliver intelligent and proven energy solutions.


We can handle total deliveries, be a subcontractor or sparring partner for all kinds of solar projects.
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Who We Are

We design and install photovoltaic systems in all sizes to primarily business and public customers since 2012 and offer service & maintenance as well. Also we develop special solutions and produce our own mounting solutions for roof and ground-based photovoltaic systems as we often deliver to other companies in the industry.

Part of a large family
Solarpark was established as a sister company to the German SPR-Energie GmbH, which provides energy solutions within major solar photovoltaic systems and charging of electric cars.
Today, we continue to work closely with sister companies in several countries, ensuring a unique professional, economic and experiential strength.