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Germany: Renewables Beat Coal in Powermix

For the first time Germany’s biggest source of electricity in 2018 was coming from renewable energy.

According to the Fraunhofer Institute last year renewable energy such as biomass, solar, wind and hydro produced more than 40 % of Germany’s electricity and overtook thus coal’s 39 % share in the powermix.

The rise in the renewables’ share was especially seen due to a 16 % increase in solar capacity, followed by an increase in windpower of 5,4 %, the shuttering of older coal plants and great weather conditions.
Solar plants and wind turbines produced in 2018 about 157 TWh and lies because of that ahead of coal and nuclear power.

Despite this success and investments of billions of euros in renewable energy the recents years, the emissions reductions goal for the end of the decade is still out of reach.

By phasing out nuclear and coal, the share of green energy in Europe’s economy  is planned to become even bigger. For this, a German comission is set up and will report findings about a phase-out plan next month.


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