Solarpark’s solution for bitumen roof

In 2013 Solarpark developed its own mounting system for bitumen roof.
Except for ballast systems, which have their drawbacks, there was no system we dared to use.

The goal of our system is to achieve a convincing, durable solution without compromising the original quality of the roof:

  • It must be possible during the assembly to ensure the quality of the work
  • Self-weight should be low
  • Cold bridges must not be formed through insulation on a hot roof
  • The underlying vapor barrier must not be compromised
  • The solution must be able to be used on both flat roofs and sloping roofs with a slope up to 45 degrees without penetration of roof membrane
  • Any warranty on the bitumen roof should be maintained

In collaboration with Hydro Aluminum and the engineering company Rambøll we then came up with the SDK mounting system for bitumen roof.
This solution meets up the requirements – except for sloped roofs where the boundary is 40 degrees without mechanical fastening.

Read more in our datasheet: