Mounting solutions


Mounting solution for sloped and flat roofs

Solarpark has created a special mounting system for bitumen roof, where the profiles are welded on the roof in order to avoid drilling of holes in the roof.
This reduces the risk of water damages, caused by drillingholes.


Low weight - under 14 kg/m2
No thermal bridges through the insulation of a hot roof
No impairment of the underlying vapor barrier
Warranty of the roof can be maintained
Suitable for flat roofs and roofs with a slope of up to 45 degrees
Approved for wind speeds of 27 m/s


The affordable solution for flat roofs

One of the most widely used solutions for flat roofs is the ballast system. Typically, you will choose to mount the solar cell system east / west, so that the electricity production is evenly distributed throughout the day, as this can optimize your own consumption. However, it is also possible to turn the photovoltaic system to the south, where the largest production will be in the middle of the day. Which solution is best depends on the individual building’s consumption profile.


Quick and easy assembly
No breakthrough of roof
Low material costs


Only for flat roofs
High weight



For sloping roofs with roof tiles, plasterboard, steel roofs, etc., there are a number of standard solutions that have been developed and optimized over many years. Whether we use our own rails or buy a standard product from one of the major German manufacturers depends on what is the right solution for your particular roof.

Quality materials
Thoroughly tested
Quick assembly


Mountingsystem for solar parks

We developed his mounting system in 2013 as it is specially designed to withstand strong wind and has up to date kept wind speeds above 63 m/s. The resilience is achieved through a maximum support of the photovoltaic modules as well as a continuous rail, which extends the life of the photovoltaic system and ensures an aesthetic solution. A built-in cable tray ensures the best protection of the cables as well as a quick assembly. The system is often subsequently chosen in connection with installation at buildings and we have often deliver and install this system for other companies in the solar industry.

easy and quick assembly
Big flexibilty in the terrain
long life
Elegant design

Special solutions

A photovoltaic system usually has to fit into a context. It can be an architectural expression, a roof’s load-bearing capacity, a municipal plan, etc. Fortunately, a photovoltaic system is changeableand can therefore be adapted to most conditions. Maybe it’s not as hard as you think.


We are happy to have a talk about your specific project. With access to a blacksmith shop, international experts and a total of 20 years of experience in the office, we have tried most things. If the rafters can not be, the ventilation system must be stored away or if you wolud like to have the solar modules integrated in the roof then it can probably be done. And we are happy to help with it all. See more below or contact us for help with your project.

Specialløsning Carporte


To the left, an example of 152 KWp, where solar modules are placed on carports, specially designed by us for Fredensborg municipality. Solarpark won the tender and delivered a solution. If you need a carport, we can deliver in all sizes.


A roof integration can be performed in many ways. There are a number of products that have been specially developed for the integration of photovoltaic systems, but if a roof needs to be replaced in advance, is the best and cheapest solution perhaps to lower the area with the photovoltaic system a bit instead? Contact us well in advance for a non-binding talk about the possibilities.